How probiotics can help you fight bad breath

How probiotics can help you fight bad breath

Despite how common it is, bad breath still feels like a taboo subject.

Halitosis, or bad breath, is often thought of as something people just have to live with. But that’s because most ‘remedies’ only seek to mask the problem rather than fix it. After decades of research, we’ve found a way to help tackle the most common root cause.

Coffee, sugary drinks, garlic, alcohol and over indulging in treats can lead to an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth which can lead to bad breath. Other products offer a short term fix. But at BLIS, we’ve always believed in being the fence at the top of the cliff, rather than the ambulance at the bottom. Which is why we’ve pioneered mouth probiotics backed by over 30 years of research and clinical studies.

Lady fights bad breath with BLIS K12 oral probiotics

By incorporating a daily mouth probiotic into your dental routine, you can minimize the build up of bad bacteria in the mouth, preventing bad breath in the future.

How is bad breath caused?

- The majority of bad breath is caused by bacterial imbalance. There are bacteria that live on the tongue that feed on bits of leftover food in our mouths (not an overly pleasant thought, but a natural process nonetheless). As they do this, they release volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s). If someone has bad breath, it is the VSC’s that can be detected by someone else when they are in close contact.

- Traditionally, sufferers use mechanical and/or chemical methods - scrapers, mouthwash - and while they may provide some temporary relief, they do not address the root cause - which in most cases is a bacterial imbalance.

How does BLIS Probiotics FreshBreath with BLIS K12™ work?

BLIS FreshBreath helps to balance the bacteria in your mouth, minimizing and preventing bad breath. Everyone has the bacteria that produce VSC’s but if there is an imbalance, there is not enough “good” bacteria to control the smelly bacteria and the result can be halitosis or bad breath. FreshBreath with BLIS K12™ is a probiotic lozenge that, when combined with good oral hygiene, can redress the imbalance and reduce bad breath.

Created in New Zealand, and developed to help support your natural immune system, BLIS FreshBreath helps alleviate one of life’s inconveniences by increasing the good bacteria in you, every day.

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