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What Our Customers Are Saying

ThroatGuard has helped reduce the frequency of infection in our household. Sometimes it has stopped infection further developing. Excellent product - actively recommending to friends and family.

Michelle on Sep 20, 2021

I've been waking up with sore teeth and gums after grinding my teeth at night, so started taking Teeth & Gums to ease the sensitivity. It seems to be helping as my hygienist noticed results in just 3 weeks... They even asked me what kind of diet I was on because I had barely any plaque build up! Stoked with the results. Easy and gentle to use. Will recommend to friends trying to improve their teeth & gums!

Marie on Nov 20, 2021

Highly recommend Fresh Breath, bought for teen with bad breath, only 2 weeks in and has already worked. Will absolutely keep her on oral probiotics in future, great stuff! Thanks Blis

Lisa on May 4, 2021

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